Regulations of Qinghai Province on poverty alleviation and development in rural and pastoral areas h

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In August 31st, a reporter from the "Qinghai province rural and pastoral areas of poverty alleviation and development regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") was informed of the news conference, from September 1st onwards, our province formally implemented the "Qinghai province rural and pastoral areas of poverty alleviation and development regulations", this marks the poverty alleviation work in our province has entered a new phase with advance. it is reported that the "Regulations" has 7 chapters, 55, including general principles, object and scope of poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation and development, poverty alleviation and development, working mechanism, measures of …

Xining low temperature will remain hovering at -19

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The winter of Xining, wrapped in cold, a lot of people are shouting cold, days of urban minimum temperature at -17 degrees Celsius, reached the lowest at -19.9. Whether the temperature will rise? In December 20th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory, the next three days, although the city in sunny weather, but the lowest temperature is still hovering around -19 degrees celsius. City Meteorological Station staff told reporters that the next three days the city’s weather to sunny, but the temperature will not go straight up. 21, the city’s lowest temperature at -19 degrees Celsius, is likely …

Strengthen the elimination of the province to protect the ozone layer

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to protect the ozone layer is to protect the blue sky, protect the earth’s life. In March 11th, strengthening the ODS phase capacity building project training will be held in Xining Province, the meeting on the province to strengthen the ODS elimination capacity building project (phase two) progress briefing.

The network management system of IC card management in Xining

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August 31st, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau, Xining motor vehicle driving training hour management system has been fully upgraded, and networking operation. IC card hour management system upgrade, increase the invalid training data to determine the standard, to strengthen the security of the client program, after the upgrade of the system has been greatly improved and improved function. it is understood, according to the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of transport "on the further strengthening of passenger and freight drivers safety management advice" requirement, the road transport management institution to promote the application of computer …

Xining City Health Bureau on the spot to guide the county health and epidemic prevention work

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About one week after the flood disaster in , it is a sensitive period for the occurrence of waterborne diseases and infectious diseases. In order to further implement the disaster prevention work in Datong County, August 17th Xining Municipal Health Bureau leadership led health supervision and disease control experts in a line of 10 people in the rain came to the most serious treasure Xiang Si Tong village is affected, and Datong County Health and food and drug administration, health supervision and disease control center the relevant staff to prevent the scene to see the village was destroyed by mudslides, …

A major boost to the success of the key to good ideas

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entrepreneurship is not the idea of the emergence of a whim, it must be put into practice will be harvested, but the entrepreneurial process is essential to business opportunities, with creativity, there is a good start of the business.

Go to Sichuan Province to participate in earthquake relief Xining special police by the Ministry of

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7 19 months, the Ministry of public security shall order of commendation to participate in the relief work of the Sichuan SWAT team and all police, Sichuan Xining police commendation. the SWAT team to Sichuan mission, is the public security SWAT team since its establishment in 2005, most police stressed the most widely, the largest span, the fastest, the most difficult time, to create a successful large-scale transfer of police and public security organs a collaborative operation, has important significance in the construction of the Swat team milepost type the history of. "5· 12" after the earthquake, the Ministry of …

Nanchuan park enterprise development promoting brand strategy

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Nanchuan Industrial Park Branch Trade and industry to accelerate economic restructuring and development as the focus, to create, protection and development as the theme, to promote the implementation of trademark strategy. As of now, Qinghai province has A Well-Known Trademark in China 28, among them, Nanchuan Industrial Park has 6 well-known trademarks, with the rate of the province’s major park in the first place; 6 Qinghai provincial famous trademarks registered trademarks of 138 enterprises in the park. (author: Yan Jinbiao, Zhao Wanxia)

Choose a noodle house to join venture brand strength Entrepreneurship Project

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pasta is now most consumers love a classic delicacy, especially pasta department in recent years market a variety of innovative features, in the market is very popular, therefore, an industry, the industry is now pasta catering market development rapidly because the best features, has been entrepreneurs are very popular, but also very secure the choice of business, a noodle shop franchise brand is a very good brand strength, the project complies with the development of the times, became a model of small investment. Here follow the small make up a good look at it: a noodle shop to join? The …

Our city strive to build a high level of talent development

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July 1st, the reporter learned from the Municipal Organization Department personnel department, as of the end of last year, the total amount of 93 thousand people in Xining, with more than mid-level titles of up to 14 thousand people, highly skilled personnel of 1714 people. This year, the city continue to further promote the project to cultivate all kinds of talents, increase efforts to create talents borrow wisdom, talent development heights, provide strong support for the talent "two city" construction. gold and silver award of outstanding talents municipal government adhere to the service principle of priority, and constantly improve the …